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We understand there are many consumables you need to carry out a professional looking repair on a vehicle, whether you are fixing a dent or some heavier damage, we have a range of reasonably priced consumables to suit your needs.

We have all the consumables you would need all under one roof


We offer a comprehensive range of consumables for all the repairs you may be carrying out. including:

Car repair consumables

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  •   Abrasives

  •   Body filler

  •   Flexible filler for plastic repairs

  •   Associated power tools

  •   Hand tools and other consumables      associated with body repairs

Car paint consumables

We understand that paint supplies are essential for a good finish on any repair work you may be carrying out. We offer a range of supplies that will make your repair a lot easier including:

  •   Polishing compounds

  •   Masking and soft edging

  •   Tack rags

  •   Polishes and other finishing products

  •   Rust inhibitors

  •   A range of abrasives

  •   Panel wipes and thinners

  •   Spray gun accessories and respiration equipment

  •    Brushes, containers and filters

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